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The origin of YouUbuntu is inspired by a South African value - Ubuntu that translates into, “I am because we are”. YouUbuntu represents the deep inter-connectedness that we are all irremovable parts of. YouUbuntu’s essence lies in building character driven values while being entirely oneself around others. This is actualized by establishing a practice of gratitude, compassion for oneself and others surrounding us, awareness, mindful expression and action, amongst several other character driven values, while being entirely oneself with everyone.

What is YouUbuntu?


YouUbuntu as a Value

YouUbuntu is symbolic of the deep inter-connectedness between us all. It gives life to the deep knowing that we are all part of the same people, and we co-exist holding a deep gratitude for each other. In all our moments, if intend, we are capable of mentally, emotionally and experientially living with Ubuntu.


YouUbuntu as an Emotional


We are all inter-connected parts of a larger whole, intricately and precisely influencing one another. YouUbuntu can be experienced through the phenomenon we call Emotional Contagion: Emotions of an individual influencing the state of the other. This results in courage, compassion and care for all things inside and outside of ourselves.


YouUbuntu as a Cognitive Experience

YouUbuntu manifests through language, perception, experience, and subsequently through the pattern of all things that we live through together. Across many cultures, greetings depict a deeper acknowledgement of how each person exists through the existence of another, establishing an undeniable inter-connectedness. In South Africa greetings translated to - By you seeing me, i come into existence. To culturally extend this knowing of inter-connectedness, the Hindi greeting “Namaste” extends a similar acknowledgement of the other, translating into “the divine in me bows to the divine in you”. An acknowledgment of the perspective that the words we use define the world we see, draws the link between language, perception and shared experiences. 

YouUbuntu through an Energetic Experience

YouUbuntu lives through the energy we share and experience. Through research in neuroscience and metaphysics we have come to understand that each organism has its own electromagnetic field that is influenced by and influences the electromagnetic field of others. 


YouUbuntu works with entire social systems to bring about positive change at the systemic and individual level. We play the role of catalyst to enable individuals  to transform from within, while remaining mindful of their context, and celebrating the unique positive core of all people and communities.

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