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YouUbuntu works with entire systems to bring about positive change at the systemic and individual level. We play the role of catalyst to enable them to transform from within, while remaining mindful of their context, and celebrating the unique positive core of all people and communities.


YouUbuntu offers to:


  •  Equip and empower communities and individuals in them to guide their own growth and establish a  service mindset, gradually making the presence of YouUbuntu redundant.

  • Study and celebrate the culture of individuals and communities with an anthropological lens, integrating the value of Ubuntu (inter-connectedness) to initiate a dialogue of collective well-being.

  • Guide the process of looking beyond what is observable and re-evaluating the presence of oneself within the larger human system.

  • Facilitate the creation of positive ecosystems, to sustain and amplify efforts emerging from within the community.

  • Drive the process of self-awareness, creative self-expression, self-actualization/self-reliance and the power of reciprocity, for the mindful growth of individuals and communities at large.

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