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Our Advisory Board

Elizabeth Keating Kenny

As a Learning & Development professional, Elizabeth has a wealth of program development experience with a proven record of influencing positive change across global Fortune 500 enterprises; developing first-time programs to shape cultures and drive engagement; assessing and defining organizational needs; and responding with targeted development programs focused on human relations, knowledge sharing, training, and cultural understanding. Elizabeth possess thousands of hours of classroom experience as a designer, manager, facilitator, and student, and unique insight and expertise into organizational development. Adept in bridging cultural differences and distilling complex concepts into digestible content, Elizabeth is passionate about creating spaces where people feel empowered to learn and lead. 

With a Master of Science in Positive Organization Development and Change from the Weatherhead School of Management and a Master’s degree in Communication Theory & Methodology, her education is complimented by several certifications that focus on emotional intelligence and learning design. 

Elizabeth Madigan

Elizabeth Madigan has spent her career in Human Resources and Organizational Development. She is currently the Director of Human Resources Culture Strategies for The University of Vermont Medical Center. Specifically, she leads the Employee, Labor and Physician Relations and Organizational Development teams. Elizabeth’s approach to work is grounded in applied neuroscience, emotional intelligence and mindfulness.



Elizabeth has her Master in Science in Positive Organization Development and Change from Case Western Reserve University. She is an Executive Coach and certified in multiple organizational development methodologies including change management, appreciative inquiry and the Emotional and Social Competency Inventory. Elizabeth is on the Board of Directors of the Champlain Valley Office of Economic Opportunity.

Elizabeth Madigan Bio Photograph.jpg
Hsuieh Dean Lee
Many doors many paths HD Lee Profile Pho

Hsuieh Dean Lee comes from a background of twenty years of international business in the US and Europe, during which he worked as a consultant in the areas of procurement, consulting, information technology, computer gaming, insurance, automotive, pharmaceutics, and more. Since 2016, Dean has increasingly shifted his focus and energy to teaching and coaching.


Hsuieh Dean Lee currently teaches positive and transpersonal psychology at Sofia University (USA). He also serves in advisory roles for the social educational non-profits YouUbuntu (India) and HundrED (Finland).


Fluent and literate in Chinese, French, and English, Hsuieh Dean Lee has been working professionally in all three languages across a number of countries in Europe, in the US, and in China. Hsuieh Dean Lee holds a bachelors in economics (University of California at Berkeley, USA), a masters in transpersonal psychology (Sofia University, USA), certifications in psycho-spiritual coaching (The Synthesis Center, USA), Chinese Medicine (本元堂, China), information technology (IBM), business negotiation (Karrass), and projective dreamwork (MIPD). Hsuieh Dean Lee has also completed extensive arts training at the California Art Institute (USA).

Margo Lydon

Margo Lydon is the Chief Executive Officer and Company Secretary of SuperFriend – Industry Funds’ Mental Health Initiative. SuperFriend delivers targeted workplace solutions (programs, resources, insights and events) to improve the mental health and wellbeing of ‘profit to member’ superannuation fund members across Australia. Actively supported by the Partner Group Insurers and Superannuation Funds, Margo’s work intersects with the Mental Health, Superannuation and Life Insurance Industries. Margo has 18 years’ experience in mental health and suicide prevention. She also has an extensive background leadership, business management and marketing. She has been instrumental in driving the strategic growth of SuperFriend. Margo’s energy and dedication to her role is underpinned by her strong belief that SuperFriend’s unique and innovative business model provides unprecedented opportunities to improve the mental health and wellbeing of the millions of Australians who belong to ‘ profit to member’ superannuation funds.

ML Headshot.jpg

Margo holds a Master of Science, Positive Organization Development and Change from Weatherhead School of Management, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland Ohio. Margo also holds a Bachelor of Business Degree (Marketing) from University of Queensland.


Margo represents SuperFriend on a number of strategic collaborations including; the Mentally Healthy Workplace Alliance, Victorian Workplace Mental Wellbeing Collaboration, Leading Well Queensland Collaboration, Positive Psychology Institute of Australia Advisory Panel, and Roses in the Ocean Advisory Panel. Margo is a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and Beta Gamma Sigma.

Oona Shambhavi D'mello

Oona is a practicing artist and an art professional. Her personal practice encompasses ‘gestural abstract’ painting and she has showcased her work in the US, Italy, China and India. In her second avatar, in working with and within organizations, she is inspired by leveraging creativity in the service of self and others, along with expanding the influence of art as a channel of abundance and well-being.


Oona holds two Bachelor Degrees, in Psychology from Mumbai University, and the second in Fine Arts from the School of The Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC). Additionally, in service of the development of art organizations, she holds a Master’s of Science in Positive Organizational Development & Change from Case Western Reserve University, Ohio.


In India, Oona founded a not-for-profit called Art for Self-Reliance (ASR) that collaborated with the International Justice Mission – an organization working with girls rescued from human trafficking in Mumbai, India. ASR designed programs within the aftercare system to guide healing through sustainable skills and opportunities in art and fabrication, enabling individual empowerment. 

Preeti D'mello

Preeti is a scholar of Advaita Vedanta and has committed her life to serving and contributing to knowledge as a lever of change, leading to personal and collective transformation and development. Her approach helps re-think entrenched models and develops implementable solutions and supporting strategies.


She synthesizes Eastern and Western approaches to personal development and spiritual integration and seeks to establish congruence between head and heart for lasting and meaningful development. Her approach is guided by Sri Aurobindo’s Integral Theory, Robert Kegan’s Constructive Developmental Psychology and Dr. Barry Johnson’s Polarity Management framework. She is greatly influenced by Diane Musho Hamilton and her work in Conflict Resolution.


Preeti’s career spans over 30 years in business strategy, project design and solutioning across multiple sectors, in front-line roles allows her to bring a grounded, practical approach to Organization and Leadership Development and Coaching, where she leverages her understanding of human nature to evolve effective turnarounds to personal and business challenges.


Her professional education includes a Master’s degree in Positive Organization Development & Change from Case Western Reserve University, Adult Development and Science of Coaching Psychology from Harvard University, and she is currently pursuing a PhD in Wisdom Studies at Ubiquity University.


Deeply passionate about the human journey, Preeti focusses on transformation by attending to the space between intent and action, and claiming autonomy to flourish and thrive. She believes in collaborating with stakeholders to create a high leverage environment of challenge and support. She is recognized for design thinking in systemic organizational and leadership development work.


​Preeti is the Head of Diversity and the LeaD Academy at Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), India’s largest private sector company. At TCS, Preeti’s vision and mandate is to create a sustainable culture of Leadership and Diversity. Her work in Diversity & Inclusion has won several prestigious awards and she is recognized as a strong voice of transformation.

Our Team

Founder and Director
Satyashiv D'mello

Satyashiv D’mello is the Founder Director of YouUbuntu. 


He is committed to the intent that we are truly empowered only when we empower each another. Satyashiv's work is devoted to facilitating the realization that humanity is an inter-dependent phenomenon, and our well-being - as people, communities, families and planet - is intertwined. Thus, his vision is to inculcate the paradigm of YouUbuntu through the maxim, “I am because we are". 


Satyashiv's work is a part of his own growth. Through YouUbuntu, Satyashiv connects with people and their ecosystems: learning about them, their culture, values, strengths and aspirations. He integrates positive psychology, metaphysics, organisational development and coaching to develop and deliver programs that evoke higher order thinking and action that serve the greater good while meeting individual and collective needs. 

Satyashiv holds a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and Anthropology, and a Master's degree in Positive Psychology and Organizational Development from Case Western Reserve University, USA. He has studied the Science of Coaching Psychology at Harvard University, is certified in Appreciative Inquiry, and is an Advanced Practitioner of the Polarity Approach to Continuity & Transformation. Satyashiv is also currently a Psychotherapist in training.

YouUbuntu collaborates with like-minded organizations and individuals across geographies to be of service and make a difference. The impact it seeks are thriving, mindful individuals and communities that contribute to a flourishing planet.

Communication Consultant 
Lucy Senner

Lucy Senner is the Administrative Arts Director at the Gallery of Contemporary Mosaics and the Chicago Mosaic School, a non-profit arts education center. She has served as a studio assistant at the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art and interned at G.R. N’Namdi Gallery in Chicago. Her public relations and social media experience includes campaigns for non-profit organizations including the AIDS Foundation of Chicago and Chicago Dramatists. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Art History from Lawrence University.

Minakshi Bio Image.jpg
Minakshi Singh

Minakshi Singh  has trained in St. Mary’s Counselling and Training Centre, Mapusa Goa, in the field of Process Work and Counselling, held by Sister Mariola. She has many years of experience working with children, youth and young adults.

Minakshi has worked in Jaipur, Goa & Mumbai, among other places to educate the minds & hearts of individuals & communities. Between 1990-2008, she spent many years dedicated to reviving local art & craft, and encouraging practise of the same. Minakshi also invested her time & energy to working with children between ages 3-6 years, focused on breaking down social norms & encouraging the respect & appreciation of interpersonal differences. Additionally, Minakshi worked with teachers on how to detect learning disabilities in children & also designed curriculums to maximize interest & engagement in class.

From 2008-2020, Minakshi spent most of her time in Goa. Here she worked with children on Emotional Awareness, Assimilation & Expression. She has always been an advocate & practitioner of expression through various creative mediums. Minakshi has also worked with young adults on several topics to support their growth & development into responsible citizens of the planet. Minakshi is known for her environmental consciousness & skill amongst her circles & outside of them. She has worked with several communities to lead & support initiatives towards soil rejuvenation, reforestation, growing healthy local produce & medicinal plants, starting kitchen gardens in local schools, etc.

Minakshi’s wealth of academic & experiential knowledge, has led her to live an intentional life, acting & serving with a strong social & environmental awareness, and it’s influence on the minds, hearts & lives of individuals and communities.

Branca Teixeira

Branca Teixeira is a Special Educator and is currently working as a Teacher at the American School of Bombay. As an advocate for Inclusive Education, her focus is on creating individual learning pathways and environments for diverse learners. Apart from building and modifying academic curriculums she also engages in supporting students to enhance their socio-emotional resilience and form positive classroom communities.

She has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Anthropology, from St. Xavier’s Collage, and in Special Education with a specialization in Intellectual Disability and Autism. She has also completed a certified course in Socio-Emotional and Empathy Learning (SEE Learning) from Emroy University and in Making Thinking Visible - Promoting Engagement, Understanding, and Independence for All Learners from Harvard Graduate School of Education. She is trained in Social Thinking under Michelle Garcia Winner – MC, CCC- SLP and conducts individual sessions as well.

Her profession is more of her passion and she lives by the quote ‘I may be a rose among the lilies but I still am a flower.’ She aspires to enhance the lives of others around her and make a difference!  

Tanisha Jain
Tanisha Bio Image.jpg

Tanisha Jain, Entrepreneur in Residence, is a specialist in understanding people in systems. She is based out of New York and partners with stakeholders to address challenges leaders face on their journey to achieving their visions. Tanisha has worked with the US Army to design training programs for instructional designers to assist them in making classroom discussion more engaging. She also worked in a team conducting an action learning research project with Emergency Room doctors at Thomas Jefferson Hospital to create a culture of wellness to mitigate the effects of burnout. Her other clients have included Charter Schools and National Organizations advocating for women who are victims of human trafficking and from marginalized immigrant populations. Prior to her move to New York, she has served as a Business Development Manager at Universal Music India. At her current role in an investment management firm, , Tanisha is the person responsible for supporting and implementing team projects on an ongoing basis.  She lends her expertise to create growth and value creation blueprints and ensure that assets meet operational excellence as per diligence. She ensures deliverables meet quality standards and are responsive to market and client needs.  

Tanisha has a MA degree Organizational Psychology from Columbia University. She also earned her masters in Sociology and studied personality and decision-making behaviors at UC Berkeley for an undergraduate study exchange. She was awarded a scholarship to study under one of her professors at Berkeley and successfully completed a Certified Talent Management course. Having grown up in India, she brings a refined ability to look at situations through a multi-cultural lens. She values building relationships with individuals from diverse cultural and professional backgrounds and understands the merits of diverse and inclusive teams. 

Goldenmile Learning Representative
Rinchen Angmo Goba

Rinchen Angmo Goba, currently the Regional Head GML (Goldenmile learning) a non profitable organisation, working in the 3E space(E-Education, Environment and Econmoy) in Ladakh & Mumbai is also one part Artist and a local entrepreneur .

Her love for local antiques got her into investing her weekends in ancestoral art and co-creating wooden carved Art with her French partner. Rinchen is the Owner of HAC (Himalayan Artisan Craft).

HAC art works contributes to reserving the local cultural and tradition of Ladakh through sovenirs. She believes in 'working without stepping on anyones toes and calls herself a Good faith Camelion in any assigned work.

Armed with teaching and management qualifications, she holds a double Masters in English literature, Cultural studies and Disaster management and vast experience in the field of social work, management and training programs.

Her last Job was with NDMA where she led the project NSSP in the District.

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