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Mindfulness & Creative Thinking

This is program offering virtually for children between the age of 9-14 years old and is one where we explore simple practices paired with the profound impact of mindfulness on our inner lives and outer reality. We delve into the influence of being mindful with ourselves, with our social ecosystems and with our planet. Through 6 sessions seated in research and fun engaging practices, the participating children understand and access their internal capacity to manifest their joy.

This program is offered as an open program and also tailored for corporate organisations, institutions, etc.

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Upcoming Open Sessions:

Starting 18th June, 2020.

In collaboration with

Mindfulness & Creative Thinking in time of COVID-19 - A Program for Children

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Format & Duration: 6 video webinar sessions; 1 session per week; every Thursday from 5:30pm-6:30pm IST.


Participant group: Children between the age of 9-14 years old.


Framework: Each session will be built to offer Mindfulness exercises along with Manifestation/Affirmation exercises in a fun and engaging manner. The framework over 6 webinar sessions will be as follows:


a) Focus within/Intra-personal

b)Focus outside/Inter-personal

c)Planetary focus


Outcomes: Some amongst several others include-

a)Reduced stress and improve mental health

b)Increased hopefulness, joy, engagement and optimism

c)Improved focus

d)Structure that creates grounded-ness in a time of uncertainty

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