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Our Focus:

  1. The Speakers: those of us that claim our diversity

  2. The Listeners: our ability to Mindfully listen = 3. The Allies: our ability to apply new knowledge into changed behaviour

The assumptions we are challenging:

  1. The listener is really "listening" or knows how 

  2. The listener is going to apply new knowledge into changed behavior

Our Goals:

  1. Explore your Diversity

  2. Know the power of mindfully listening

  3. Create a culture of interpersonal respect + appreciation = gratitude 

Now! We begin to Value Diversity - It all starts here. 

'Mindful of You' - Guiding Principles:

  1. You determine your Diversity! We encourage self-identification of diversity, without marginalizing any demographic

  2. If you do not know, ask! Always start with - I have a question, would you be comfortable answering them?

  3. Diversity expresses itself in people of all age groups, we may just gone unidentified.

  4. Identify your biases before projecting them. There is nothing you ought to be, besides kind.

  5. This is NOT an opportunity to share your opinion. Your validation is not required. Your mindful support is.

  6. Understand the difference, and you will begin to respect it. Respect the difference, and you will be able to leverage it.

Our Process from Internal Diversity to Diversity of the Mind:

  1. Inquire

  2. Listen

  3. Pause to understand

  4. Express

  5. Include

Mindful of You is a developmental perspective in which we bridge generational, gender, racial, economic and other gaps by opening our minds and hearts to listen to & understand the other.


There is profound power in telling our story and owning the authenticity of our identity. Often we are compelled to claim it through the oppression of the very thing that makes us, Us.


With the vision to create equality through equity, and a global community powered by the potency of diversity & inclusion, we are widening our focus.


We embrace the voice of the speaker, of the person who has the courage to claim their diversity.




We acknowledge the role of the listener, in creating tangible & sustained change. 


Through the Mindful of You Campaign, we emphasize on our ability to Mindfully listen (with an open mind & without judgement) and apply new knowledge into changed behavior.


Let us leverage the capacity of our human spirit to understand the “other”, embody and enable change, first at an internal schematic level and then at an interpersonal one.


P.S. To those of us who feel marginalized through this campaign, we would encourage that first we must listen in order to be heard.

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