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YouUbuntu in Service of Ladakh

YouUbuntu is working with schools and communities in the Himalayan region of Ladakh (Northern India), to empower all stakeholders to create positive ecosystems that facilitate individual and collective wellbeing.

To do this, YouUbuntu seeks to establish an evolving growth mindset, and engage their compassionate heart of individuals, communities and systems.

YouUbuntu is collaborating with Golden Mile Learning in Ladakh - a remote high altitude desert in the Himalayan region of Northern India, at an average altitude of 11,000 feet above sea level, inhabited by people who are geographically distant from the mainland, eager for exposure, opportunity and growth. 


Through the Ladakh project, we are working with multiple stakeholders including teachers, students and parents to impact the ecosystem at several levels.  YouUbuntu will initially work with 16 schools to create positive ecosystems that support intentional developmental efforts made by teachers and students.

Stage I: Co-creating Positive Social Ecosystems

Stage II: Teacher training and wellbeing

Stage III: Student Wellbeing through Self awareness, Self Expression and Service

YouUbuntu with Bajwa Kalan, Punjab.

Bajwa Kalan is a village tucked away in the state of Punjab (India), recovering from the struggles of substance abuse that have consumed this state for decades. YouUbuntu is collaborating with the Art for Self-Reliance Foundation in co-creating a model village. This spirited community has made strides in leveraging organized sports and cultural dance to bring the youth together, providing a safe haven for community development. ASR & YouUbuntu have come together to assist in the creation of the future Bajwa Kalan sees for itself and its coming generations, tackling areas like collective buy in, safety, empowerment amongst others, all the while employing creativity and strength based approaches. 


YouUbuntu will begin working with the community members and students of Bajwa Kalan in 2019/2020.

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